Monday, 20 August 2012

JavaFX CSS Styling

I've been working on a light grey look and feel for JavaFX with square corners, inspired by the Swing Substance (Business Grey) Look and Feel.  Here are the results so far:

And just as a reminder as to the default JavaFX look and feel:

This is a work in progress and not all of the controls are styled.  This skin has now become the first entrant in the jfxtras-styles project hosted on github or click here if you just want to grab source.

The extra space is to show the drop shadows on the titled panes which I use quite a lot in my own application.

Just to show the different a little CSS styling can do, below is a recent screenshot of EstiMate, the JavaFX project I have been working on.  It's come a long way!  You can take a look at the CSS here.