Thursday, 21 January 2010

European Java Roadshow

My registration for the European Java Roadshow has been accepted, WOOT!  There are some real nuts and bolts talks about Java and the JVM at the London Roadshow which should be interesting.  Here's my views on the talks...
  • Firstly, Java Hotspot Optimisations.  I'm always fascinated at the work going on in this area, also I know that at the moment it would go way over my head if it got down to the nitty gritty and I think its the same for anyone who hasn't whole heartedly delved into the OpenJDK source.
  • Secondly, Java Garbage Collection.  This should go way beyond the generation garbage collection diagram that we've all seen implemented in every half arsed VM.  I really want to know what the G1 garbage collector is going to give software in the future, and more importantly the trade offs involved.
  • The More about Java SE embedded talk is interesting simply because I have almost no knowledge of whats going on in that area.  I've worked with software engineers doing embedded programming and don't think they would give up their beloved C lightly.  Its going to be good to hear about the inroads the JVM is making in this area, especially in memory usage!
  • Java Realtime VMs promises the same as above, although its more pertinent to my area of work; simulation.  There are certain cases where realtime is important and its certainly something to be strived for.
  • When I read Java Futures I instantly thought java.util.concurrent.Future, great a concurrency talk!  This is just my naive programmer's mind.  Hopefully it will be something like the previous Java Futures talk at JavaOne.
  • Not sure about Java for Business: Business Cases, is it a sales talk?  I'm guessing theres something more.

If you're going, or just commuting to London... See you on Feb 4th

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